Why do we work for NPOs?
- Human resource management in NPOs and career movement in the sector



Research overview
1. Purpose
2. Contents
3. Survey overview
4. Characteristics of survey respondents

Human Resource Management in NPOs
1. Personnel Policies
2. Recruiting
3. Job
4. Training
5. Personnel evaluation
6. Compensation and Benefits
7. Retirement
8. Perception of evaluation on human resource management in NPOs

Career Change in NPOs
1. Previous work experience and motivation for transitioning to a nonprofit career
2. Starting position and motivation for joining the current employer
3. Vertical Mobility in NPOs
4. Satisfaction at the current job
5. Career change intention

Generational Differences
1. Work Motivation
2. Satisfaction with human resource management and job satisfaction by generation
3. The desirable benefits by generation
4. Generational differences in motivation for job changes

Conclusion and Implication