In July, the students from Kean University (located in New Jersey, United States) have visited The Beautiful Foundation to participate in the mini internship. The students successfully completed it through whole month of July. The Center on Philanthropy would like to share what the mini interns have done. Three groups of students chose three different non-profit organizations(NPOs) in different regions. Each group presented the comparisons on The Beautiful Foundation and the NPOs. 

Mini Internship in The Beautiful Foundation
– Non-Profit Organizations Comparisons 2

Karen Garcia, Alex Malliqui, Vanessa Medrano, Tamirah Gibbs, Olusoji Aletunji, Anais Munoz

1. Overviews of Each Organization

  1. The Beautiful Foundation
    The Beautiful Foundation_CIA non-profit organization started in 2000 located in Seoul, South Korea
    Focuses on the social, economic and cultural improvement 
    Promotes the beauty of giving
    Led by voluntary citizens with the purpose of spreading philanthropic values 
    Solve social problems and help make individual life better
  2. King Baudouin Foundation
    King Baudouin Foundation_CIA non-profit organization in Belgium
    Created in 1976 named after Baudouin I
    Purpose: provide the public funds and resources for unification of society
    Network internationally to promote justice for all citizens

  3. Community Foundation of Singapore
    community foundation of singapore_CINon-profit organization located in Singapore
    Founded in 2008
    Purpose: address complex issues and evolving needs
    Fostering a culture of giving

  4. Elizabeth Coalition
    the elizabeth coalition_CIA non-profit organization located in Elizabeth, NJ
    Over 2,500 individuals in-need were helped annually
    Meet the current needs of homeless and tackle the root causes while also spreading awareness
    Partnership: St. Joseph Social Service Center
    Different programs accessible with board of directors team

2. Table of Comparison


The Beautiful Foundation

King Baudouin Foundation

Community Foundation of Singapore

Elizabeth Coalition

Organizational Structure/Legal Status/Board Governance

  • A non profit organization led by voluntary citizens
  • Board Directors, Committees (i.e. Investment, Grantmaking, etc.)
  • Independent and pluralist non-profit organization
  • Comprises a Chair, two vice-Chairs, 12 Board members
  • Advisory Council (recommendations) 
  • Non profit organization
  • NGO Source: Institutions of Public Characters (IPCs)
  • Staff, volunteers, interns
  • Executive Board team
  • 501(c)(3) corporation – tax exempt and non profit

Program Focus

  • Promote philanthropic cultures and values
  • Supporting individuals through public-benefit activities
  • Supporting organizations
  • Promoting philanthropy
  • Advocacy and citizen mobilization
  • Philanthropy-based by providing funding resources
  • Enhance green initiatives
  • Provide Housing Programs
  • Promote after-school programs

Volunteer Management

  • Do Run Do Run Marathon
  • 1% Sharing
  • Kids Sharing Club
  • Museum Cultural Sponsorship Account
  • “Third Call for Project”
  • Collaborate with charitable organizations
  • Fund and grants with a high level of accountability.
  • Partner with colleges
  • Internships
  • Host Fundraiser

For the full presentation slides, please find the attachment below.
[PDF] Non-Profit Organizations Comparisons_King Baudouin Foundation, Community Foundation of Singapore, Elizabeth Coalition

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