Center for Asia Philanthropy and Society(CAPS) holds policy research biennially through Doing Good Index(DGI). DGI identifies the enabling and impeding factors for private social investment and philanthropy for 18 Asian economies using a data-driven, evidence based approach. It is a globally cited resource and policy guide for strengthening philanthropic ecosystems in Asia. DGI 2022 is the third one, which means 2022 is the sixth year since CAPS first launched DGI.
Center on Philanthropy at The Beautiful Foundation, as a partner, has been in charge of surveying Korea’s philanthropic ecosystem and disseminating towards Koreran audiences for a better understanding. The center also translated executive summary of the full report.

DGI cover image

Whole society, including government, companies, individuals, and social sector, should work together to address challenges and to build a better future. In addition, philanthropy and other types of private social investment can be accelerated with the right incentives and policies in place. To address, DGI provides a roadmap of the policies and practices that can unleash this capital by :

  1. Addressing the trust deficit. Lack of trust as an impediment to giving is an issue often raised by donors in Asia. The Index identifies factors that most contribute to the trust deficit and those remedies most effective in addressing it.
  2. Creating new data. Philanthropic activity is not under the purview of national statistical agencies, nor a high priority for data collection. The Index helps create a body of data that can be used to understand the landscape for philanthropy and the changes happening within it. 
  3. Pointing the way to a more vibrant social sector. The Index can be used to help philanthropists, policymakers, researchers, SDOs and engaged citizens understand what levers can be pulled to best increase and enhance philanthropic giving in their economies.

DGI 2022 surveyed 2,239 SDOs and interviewed 126 experts across 17 Asian economies. In mapping the landscape of social investment, the study examines four sub-indices: Regulations, Tax and Fiscal Policy, Ecosystem, and Procurement. It also includes a section on how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the social sector.

For a full report of DGI 2022, visit CAPS website.
For a Korean translted executive summary, visit Center on Philanthropy (KOR).