AUTUMN 2023 | VOL. 4 ISSUE 3
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As society changes rapidly, non-profit organizations(NPOs) are striving to realize the values of organizations, while also striving to generate its impact. It is noteworthy that at the core of this impact, there are people working within the organization.

Center on Philanthropy’s Giving Korea research on the NPOs in Korea began in 2017 with a comprehensive examination of the landscape of NPOs in Korea. This research included studies on the board of directors, top management, and employees.

On October 27th in Giving Korea 2023, the center aims to provide opportunity for NPO members to discuss together on current and future outlook of organizational culture that they shape. The center also plans to examine the impact of organizational culture in NPOs on its operation. Upcoming Winter 2023 Newsletter will share reflections on Giving Korea 2023. Until then, we recommend taking a look down below at the flow of previous Giving Korea, focused on NPOs in Korea.

GIVING KOREA 2017: “Who Moves Non-Profit in Korea”
Operational Status and Governance Structure of NonProfit, Public welfare Corporations
GIVING KOREA 2019: “How do Korean NPOs Work?”
In-depth Study on Leadership and Transparency of NPOs
GIVING KOREA 2021: “Why Do We Work for NPOs?”
Human Resource Management in NPOs
[List of Papers Utilizing Giving Korea (January 2023 – Present)]

This is a list of papers published this year that have utilized Giving Korea, searched by Center on Philanthropy. If there are any papers utilizing Giving Korea data that is not on this list or if you plan to publish a paper utilizing Giving Korea, please contact us (

To produce better data, the center will continue to make even greater efforts. Please do continue to utilize Giving Korea data in the future.😊

Since 2014, Center on Philanthropy has continued to support graduate school students through ‘Student Research Grants Program’ on purpose of raising public interest in philanthropy and enabling research on philanthropy to be conducted in various fields. The successful applicants for this year are as follows:


▶ Thesis Title (Translated in English by the Center for the announcement. Below is not an official English title.)

  • Research on the Effectiveness and New Approach Method through Analysis of North Korea Theme Fundraising and Its Result Method
  • The Effect of NFT’s Feature to Giving Intentions
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