| Learning the Theories and Practices of Fundraising through Stories

  • Author : Wonkyoo Lee | Fundraising Consultant
  • Publisher : Nanam (May 1, 2021)
  • Series : 16th Volume of Nanum Books, The Beautiful Foundation
  • Language : Korean
  • Paperback : 220 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 9788930040815

Fundraising is perceived as a difficult and burdensome task in the nonprofit scene of South Korea. This is because the reality of the nonprofit sector makes it difficult for organizations to actively support fundraising activities. Many nonprofit activists fail to build an identity as a fundraiser and are swept into the sea of the field work without learning the essential relationship between fundraising and nonprofit activities and the basic procedures and methods of fundraising.

To solve these problems, the author, who has been a fundraising consultant for more than 20 years, explains the principles of fundraising in an easy and interesting way by re-telling the abundant cases that he personally experienced at the fundraising site as stories. In this book, he addresses everything from the value and focus of fundraising to practical topics such as preparation for fundraising, major gifts and grassroots fundraising, special events and fundraising ethics. While the fundraising cases introduced before were mainly focused on projects or programs, this book places the donors at the center. This is because bringing change and maturity to the donor’s life and attitude is as much a part of fundraising’s impact on society as is social change through the successful performance of projects.

The stories shared in this book will provide an opportunity to reduce trial and error in the field and find ways to move towards donor-centered fundraising. Furthermore, it will serve as a foundation for creating true success stories that lead to new learning and challenges.

| Contents

Chapter 1. Fundraising is Sharing the Chance to Share
Chapter 2. Donor-Centered Fundraising
Chapter 3. Fundraising is like Total Soccer
Chapter 4. How a Grassroots Organization Starts Fundraising Well
Chapter 5. Rational Fundraising Goals
Chapter 6. First Find Potential Donors
Chapter 7. Prepared Requests Pay Off
Chapter 8. Focus on One Person for Major Gifts
Chapter 9. Special Events Can Be Done Better
Chapter 10. Fundraising Volume is Proportional to Leadership
Chapter 11. Ethical Fundraising with Principle
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| Reader’s Comments

  • There are many on-site cases from Korea, so it is easy to understand and can be applied immediately. (JA**UNG)
  • The author’s explanation is kind and thoughtful, so you can learn many things as if you were receiving personal consultation. (-)
  • You can easily learn fundraising principles through stories. It is also useful to use the stories as a scenario for actual fundraising. (Ljy1004)
  • It’s easy and fun to understand even for those who are first starting fundraising. (creampu***)
  • There are many stories that solve problems encountered in actual fundraising, so it can be useful. (zksxkqlf***)
  • The author’s guide is so clear that you can easily understand and use it on your own. (bellesp***)