SUMMER 2021 | VOL. 2 ISSUE 2
The longest season, Summer, has come to Korea. In the past, Winter used to be the longest season. As the Summer gets longer and longer, I hope this Summer is not too harsh for all of you. 

  • What is the legal status of our organization?
  • Which type is better in establishing a nonprofit organization?
  • What are nonprofit corporations? What are the public interest corporations? And what are the designated organizations receiving donations?
To understand or answer these questions, you need legal knowledge about the types of nonprofit organizations. However, it is not easy to understand because the laws governing the form of non-profit organizations are diverse and complex. Please read it carefully for just 10 minutes! You can understand the legal concept of the form of an organization neatly.

Center on Philanthropy at the Beautiful Foundation had surveyed the current laws as the basis for government’s fundraising activities in the private sector. This survey is performed by Ko, Euna, and Choi, Euna, who were graduate students of Yonsei University’s Graduate School of Social Welfare, during their internship for the summer vacation of 2019. We would like to express our gratitude for them on this page.

When you receive some form of in-kind donation from corporations or individuals, you will confront the difficulty of measuring the value of the product. This is because determining the product’s value has a direct bearing on the tax benefits the donor will receive.
[Nanum Books] Arabian Nights for Fundraisers

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