The 2022 Global Philanthropy Environment Index provides comprehensive information about the philanthropic environment in 91 countries and economics around the world by measuring the 1) Operation, 2) Tax and Fiscal Issues, 3) Cross-Border Philanthropic Flows, 4) Political Environment, 5) Economic Environment, and 6) Socio-Cultural Environment in order to find out the incentives and barriers to philanthropy. This report aims to understand the status and implications of philanthropy environment in Korea.

  1. Quick Facts
  2. Key Findings
    1. Formation/Registration, Operations, Dissolution of a Philanthropic Organization (PO)
    2. Domestic Tax and Fiscal Issues
    3. Cross-Border Philanthropic Flows
    4. Political Environment
    5. Economic Environment
    6. Socio-Cultural Environment
    7. Future of Philanthropy
    8. Philanthropic Response to COVID-19