In July, the students from Kean University (located in New Jersey, United States) have visited The Beautiful Foundation to participate in the mini internship. The students successfully completed it through whole month of July. The Center on Philanthropy would like to share what the mini interns have done. Three groups of students chose three different non-profit organizations(NPOs) in different regions. Each group presented the comparisons on The Beautiful Foundation and the NPOs. 

Mini Internship in The Beautiful Foundation
– Non-Profit Organizations Comparisons 3

Glynnis Tan, Yesica Espinoza-Xitumul, Ezinne Madakonam, Lionel Ouattara

1. Overviews of Each Organization

  1. The Beautiful Foundation
    The Beautiful Foundation_CIFounded in 2000
    Located in Jongno-gu, Seoul
    Goals: Developing the Giving Culture
    Led by voluntary citizens with a purpose of spreading philanthropic values
    “Treat others as we would treat ourselves.”
    Combination of love and generous hearts leads to sharing. “Spirit”

  2.  Give2Asia
    g2a_CIFounded in 2001
    A registered US based public charity that connects donors, individuals and corporations to trusted local charities in various locations

    Makes international giving easier and more accessible
    Provide a platform for giving and guidance for donors
    Affiliated with over 30 organizations that are making a difference in diverse areas ranging from food banks to disaster relief and arts and culture
  3. The Muttart Foundation
    the muttart foundation_CI
    Founded in Canada by Mr Merrill D. and Dr Gladys E. Muttart in 1953
    Private Organization
    Solve problems by identifying issues and resolving them

  4. World Hope International
    the world hope international_CIFounded by Jo Anne Lyon in 1996
    She hoped to empower the poor around the world so that they could take the initiative to bring change within their communities
    Christian relief and development organization that works with vulnerable and exploited communities to alleviate poverty, suffering, and injustice
    Core values include transformation, sustainability, empowerment, and collaboration


2. Table of Comparison


The Beautiful Foundation


Muttart Foundation

World Hope International


  • Making and sharing a part of life for a society thriving together.
  • Pursues a society where everyone practices the value of sharing in everyday life and individuals and community thrive together.
  • Strengthen communities in Asia by making cross-border giving easier and more effective.
  • A robust charitable sector as central to a strong, healthy society.
  • Through charities building community and addressing key social issues and concerns, such as early childhood education and care.
  • Supports all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, race, or religion.
  • Use market-based and community-driven enterprise solutions to empower, protect, and build resilience through innovative, environmentally conscious, and transformative projects.


  • The Beautiful Foundation is located in South Korea and they have contributed to the economic development in South Korea by giving back to the people to enhance sustainability.
  • Give2Asia is located in San Francisco.
  • They help many countries in Asia.
  • The Muttart Foundation is located in Canada and work in cities like Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • They are based in several locations like the USA, Canada, and Australia. They tend to expand their initiatives around the world with diverse programs.

Organizational Structure

  • Board of Directors highest decision
  • Different committees for different projects
  • The rest of the team is grouped into different divisions that take care of operations, marketing and administrative tasks.
  • Board of Directors 17 members
  • 7 person leadership team, 3 Vice Presidents, 2 chief representatives and a director of marketing.
  • The board of directors are the final authority in this organization.
  • President is John Pinsent, Bryan Mclean is the vice president and the treasurer is , Dr Ruth Collins-Nakai.
  • It has a board of directors: starting with voting and non-voting members to officers and the chair/owner
  • Teams broken down from global perspectives to individual countries
  • The decision making starts from the bottom and then up.


  • 1% Sharing
  • Donor Advised Fund
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Dasomi
  • Hope Store
  • Sekolah Menengah Chung Hua Port Dickson
  • Setu
  • Policy research and analysis, consultations on the regulation of charities, seminars and workshops on issues and concerns affecting charities.
  • Clean Water and Energy
  • Global Health
  • Protection

For the full presentation slides, please find the attachment below.
[PDF] Non-Profit Organizations Comparisons_Give2Asia, The Muttart Foundation, World Hope International

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